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Hello, I am Mehreen from @thatyellowbulb. I was born in Peshawar, Pakistan and now live in Mississauga, Canada. I have a business degree from Ryerson University and I used to work as a Recruiter. I’m currently a SAHM and started blogging by sharing Ontario related information and resources. Recently, I’ve started sharing DIY projects and crafts with my followers. DIY projects require a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of love. They give me a break from my ‘adult’ life. Today, I’m going to share 5 DIY projects with you, which can be done on a dime.



You can use an old hula hoop or buy a cheap one, for this project. Wrap the hoop with a ribbon of your choice. You could wrap it using washi tape as well. Make sure you glue down the ribbon firmly, as you wrap it around. Once the hula hoop is neatly wrapped, you can start decorating it. I used faux flowers and leaves to decorate, you could use pinecones or colorful burlap. I suggest using super glue for this project, to ensure everything stays in place.

Hula Hoop on the floor



I used wooden ‘artist’s panel’, brown paint and adhesive shelf liner for this project, bought from the local dollar store. I painted the tray brown, to give it that ‘wood’ look. Once the paint dried, I cut the adhesive shelf liner to size and applied it to the base of the tray. I used handles from spare plastic containers, wrapped them in twine and glued them to the sides of the tray. Alternatively, you could leave out the handles, and use the tray without them. You could also use an old leather belt, cut it to size, and screw it into the tray, to make sturdy leather handles.

wooden tray with candle in it



This is one of the most economical DIY projects I’ve attempted so far. You can cut any letter on a piece of cardboard and design it your way. I traced and cut the letter Z on a piece of cardboard, with a utility knife. I covered the cutout in pink tissue paper to give it a base color. I made several small paper flowers with tissue paper (lots of tutorials on Youtube for paper flowers), in different shades of pink and white. I glued them together very close to each other, making sure they look symmetrical. You can hang the initial on a wall, using push pins or place it on a table, as a centerpiece.


a big letter Z written with flowers


I made this advent calendar for my son’s school for their Christmas decor, I’m definitely making one for our Eid décor at home. For this project, you need an artist’s panel, wooden numbers, push pins, acrylic paint, and wooden beads. Paint the panel, beads, and numbers in color of your choice. Attach the beads and numbers to the panel, making sure there’s enough space to hang a small wreath on the beads. You can make the wreath by covering a small piece of twine in the ribbon. Everything used in this project is from the dollar store.


a DIY calender


For this project, you need canvases, mod podge, acrylic paint and printed pictures (on regular printer paper). I painted the canvases in colors of my choice and gave each canvas two coats of paint. I found the pictures online and printed them in black and white. I applied a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the pictures to attach them to the canvas. After they dried, I applied a thin layer of mod podge all over the three canvases, to give the project durability.

3 Canvas Animals

I hope you liked these ideas and attempt one (or more) of these projects. I have many other projects underway, and I look forward to sharing them with you on @thatyellowbulb.

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