About Us

My Inspired Home specializes in creating mugs with a focus on South Asian culture and languages. We celebrate relationships, positivity and simplicity through our designs.


Behind the Scenes

My Inspired Home was created by Anam – a mom of two who is a Chartered Accountant by profession but loves blogging and all things creative. This shop is an extension of her Instagram account where she shares snippets of her life.

Anam starts every new day on her Instagram stories with “Salam & Good Morning!” Although it started off randomly one day as a simple greeting, it soon became a daily ritual. This phrase now gives her (and many of her followers) that daily dose of positivity to start each day with gratitude and a can-do attitude.

Anam wanted to create a mug with the saying “Salam & Good Morning” with her own design aesthetic so that she could use it in her Instagram stories. But once the first design was created, it became a full-blown project. Anam decided to offer a variety of designs for her Instagram followers who have a similar aesthetic. And that is the story of how My Inspired Home was born!