About Us

My Inspired Shop is a destination that celebrates identity, language and culture. We help visually express the beauty of tradition in the life of a modern Muslim family.

Whether it’s the morning cup of coffee, art on the wall, or pillows on the bed, our curated collection of accessories and customizable products transform your ordinary moments at home into special experiences. We believe that all it takes are simple reminders to make our hearts feel that connection to our roots and keep it alive for generations to come.


After moving to her first house, founder Anam wanted to invest in decor pieces and accessories that represented her cultural and religious values. With an eye for minimal design, Anam searched long and hard on the internet for artwork that was both modern and meaningful. While there were a lot of great products out there, Anam felt that one element or another was always missing. Seeing this, she got to work herself during maternity leave and created designs that suited her aesthetic. One idea led to another and My Inspired Shop was born.

Our Mission

Accessories that represent you are just the beginning. We’re committed to giving you excellent customer service, sharing tips and ideas, and making you a part of a community via our Newsletter and Instagram.

What’s more? We strongly believe that every business has a social responsibility to give back. We partner with local charities and donate a percentage of our proceeds to help make a difference.