Decorating the house for Ramadan was not the norm in my childhood. I grew up in Saudi Arabia & Pakistan where Ramadan would simply be “in the air.” The roads were decorated with lights, bazaars would be bustling with people buying food or groceries before iftar time, mosques were full late into the night, and even kids at school would be making an extra effort to pray and do good deeds.

Living in the West, I definitely miss that vibe. So I choose to decorate the home for Ramadan & set the atmosphere to match all the special feelings that come with the month. It’s also a great way to get kids excited about it.

Here are two banner designs that you can get. They include an Eid countdown sheet, a Ramadan banner, as well as an Eid Banner. All your basic decor needs in one!

Here’s a short how-to video as well:

Happy Decorating!

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