As soon as my husband and I decided to move from our apartment into a larger home, I immediately started envisioning what my daughter’s room would look like. I had countless ideas in my head and was most excited about being able to give my daughter her own closet.  For the last two years, I have stored all her clothing and essentials in a small closet I had purchased from Ikea. It was an extremely cramped situation where pulling out one item would make others fall out!

When I saw her new closet, I knew one thing I had to promise myself was NOT TO OVER STUFF it with clothes. I wanted to organize create smaller storage solutions within the closet with shelving to store smaller toys or chunkier toys that I didn’t want out for display in the room. In its original state, the closet had built-ins and rails and shelves. So here’s how things turned out:

Left Side of the Closet

Luckily, I had a nice bookshelf/toy storage shelf I had previously bought and it fits perfectly inside the closet.  I arranged my daughter’s books on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf, there was a deep pocket for storage so I decided to place clear plastic boxes filled with smaller toys. Some of the bigger and chunkier toys were also able to fit into the bottom storage. On top of the shelf, I decided to place a big lightweight plastic storage box I purchased from Ikea. Within the storage box, I kept all of my daughter’s stuffed toys.

I wanted to make sure I don’t place anything heavy on the top shelf in case my daughter tries to reach for it. Keeping the children’s safety in mind is a crucial step in organizing and decorating their playroom/bedroom.  On the topmost shelf of the closet, I placed folding storage bins that could hold some other essentials such as bedsheets and blankets.

Right Side of the Closet

I felt like I didn’t need any additional space to hang clothes on the bottom so I took out the closet rod and instead placed a plastic drawer set there. Inside the drawers, I stored additional essential items like swimwear, swimming diapers, diaper bag, sheets, blankets, and shoes. On top of the plastic cart, I placed some fabric boxes with compartments to keep the smaller items tidy. I purchased these from Ikea and would highly recommend them. I used these boxes to store smaller items such as socks, leggings, t-shirts, creams, and sunglasses.

As my little one grows older, I will certainly make the necessary changes to her closet, but the organization I have acquired thus far has been working out really well. For me, I wanted to organize in a way that is practical and where everything is easily accessible. Does the closet look this tidy every single day? Well off course not. Since there are toys inside the closet, the little one is constantly trying to reach for them and in turn, making a mess, but that’s okay because this is what makes her a child. I encourage her to explore things in her room and closet, this will lead her to become more independent and develop her own personality. Now, I do make sure that things go back where they should be towards the end of the day. I also make my daughter help me with that, which is obviously a fail most of the time, but I won’t stop trying. If you ask me one tip to maintaining an organized closet, or any space for that matter, I’d say that it’s very important to designate a spot for each and every item. I hope my closet tour has given you ideas that may come in handy for any future organizing that you indulge in.

About Sobia

I am a stay at home mom, which if you ask me is doing full time and a half job, no really! I have a background in healthcare and worked as a Sonographer for several years. I also have a Masters in Business Administration, which I completed as soon as my daughter was born in 2017. With my educational/professional background, I always felt like I wasn’t being myself to the fullest capacity. I always looked for a creative outlet and I couldn’t be happier that I have finally found one! I hope my thoughts and experiences help you and provide you with insight as I still grow as a person/mother and learn the tips and tricks of life.




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