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I LOVE IKEA! I can spend hours on end at that store and not get tired. In fact, I’ve taken my followers along for shopping to IKEA with me many times on my insta-stories. What I love most about this furniture giant is that it makes it so easy to achieve that clean, sleek and bold Scandinavian look without breaking your bank.

I have a lot of stuff from Ikea, and I want to share with you all my favourites over a series of blogposts, starting first with Ikea Sofas. I get a lot of questions on my Instagram account about my IKEA couches, which is totally understandable. There are so many options and it can be really hard to pick one. IKEA couches are great especially for small homes and apartments where you have limited space, winding staircases or narrow hallways. They come in small pieces which you can easily bring in through narrow doors and tiny elevators and then assemble where you need them.

So, if you like the bold and clean Scandinavian look, or are just in the market for some good quality sofas, then keep on reading to see my top 3 picks from IKEA.

Three-seater price:
CAD $999 | USD $799

This beautiful couch is offered as a three-seater, a two-seater, a single armchair, or as a sectional. I’ve had the Landskrona sectional couch in my main living room for over a year now and I love it! It is super comfortable, deep and durable.

I think most people generally expect an IKEA couch to be cheaper than this. The Landskrona is definitely on the high-end side but I think the price is fair given its amazing quality and the fact that it’s leather. It comes in white, grey and black. I decided to go with white because I really like the brightness it adds to the space.

Maintaining a White Couch

My #1 FAQ on Instagram has to be – how do I maintain a white couch? Well, I understand it’s not easy. Especially if you have multiple little ones who like to jump on the couch and use crayons to draw on it.

I have a leather couch and here is what we do. We normally don’t eat here as we use our kitchen eat-in area or the dining table. That prevents things like curry and ketchup from colouring it. But of course we use this couch on a daily basis and it often get little marks and handprints. In those cases, I love that I can just wipe this couch clean. That’s not really possible with a fabric couch unless it’s easily washable. A leather couch also doesn’t readily absorb liquids as a fabric sofa does. My daughter has spilled orange juice on it and my son has smashed blueberries on it. But you would never know because I wiped it clean with a damp cloth!

If you’re not into leather, Ikea has great couches that have removable, washable covers. In fact, couches #2 and #3 that I have shared below both do come in white and with washable covers. You just wash any covers with stains, and enjoy a bright white couch!

I do also have the a Leathercare kit (from IKEA but sadly it has been discontinued) that I use twice a year. It truly cleans the leather and comes with a cream as well that keeps the leather soft. I’ve used it many times and seen great results.

I would also like to add that sometimes your furniture can get damaged despite all your efforts to be careful and protective. And when that happens, you have to just be okay with it. Your black leather couch can get a tear, your dark green fabric couch can rip, and your white couch can get a stubborn pomegranate stain. There are ways to cover it up with throws etc if needed. In any case, it’s not the end of the world. I believe in enjoying my white couch for as long as it lasts. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and it’s doing okay.

Three-seather price:
CAD $599 | USD $399

Source: Happy Grey Lucky

Grey sofas are a staple in Scandinavian homes. If you’re looking for that nordic look, the Karlstad is perfect and very budget friendly for the quality and durability it offers. Pinterest is full of ideas on how to style it, and how its legs can be switched out for that beautiful mid-century look. The covers are washable as well which is great with kids. I don’t have a very in-depth review on this one as I personally don’t have it. I would’ve totally gotten it for my family room, but because that room is in the basement, I wanted a couch that was a rather low-laying. More on that next.

Three-seater price:
CAD $550 | USD $449

This is a modular series that you can put together and customize to meet your needs. You can choose to purchase it as a single seat, a sofa or put pieces together to make a sectional. You also have the option to not buy arms for the sofa if you want to keep it looking more open.

Since our family room is in the basement (still a work in progress), the ceiling of the room isn’t that high. Keeping this in mind, I wanted something with a low back so that the room can feel spacious and airy. We ended up going with the three-seater and are really happy with it. It has skinny seat cushions but they are surprisingly comfy. To me, it is just the perfect couch family room couch for lazying around. It’s great  to accommodate a guest as well as it is as wide enough to act as a single bed. My favourite thing to do on it is to sit cross-legged with a cup of tea and watch Netflix. Speaking of tea, the covers are fully washable as well, which makes it a great choice for a family room setting where there will be lots of food and drinks.

So that’s it guys! Those are my top 3 favourite couches from IKEA. Let me know which of these you would go for, and if there’s any others you love. Until next time, ciao!


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